Browser Signature Pad

With the rise of web applications, the web browser is being used for stuff that used to take a complex piece of software on the local computer. For example, UberPOS is a project I've been working on recently that brings a point-of sale cash register to any computer capable of connecting to the internet.

Another project I've been working on in conjunction with UberPOS involves signature capture within the browser window. While I'm still working out the intricacies of storing the captured signature on the server, actually capturing the signature is a relatively quick and easy task using HTML's canvas element and a quick bit of javascript.  Below is a demonstration of how this process works.  To use it, you will need a decent browser (pretty much anything but IE) that supports the canvas element and javascript's toDataURL() method. 

Make your mark in the big gray box and click "Done" to see it converted to a text string.  Although I didn't set it up here, you can easily use javascript to post this string to a server and save it as a file or in the database.  This demo should also work with touch devices such as the iPod/iPad.