This is the third iteration of my site, rbayliss.net. It's been done once in Wordpress, once in Joomla, and now in Drupal. Hopefully this is what I will stick with. My site features:

CSS3 Date Display

  • CSS 3 - Several elements of this site are done using CSS 3 features. Border radius is used quite a bit throughout. The date displays are done using webkit, mozilla, and IE's respective transform capabilities. I wanted to see what was possible with the new (mostly unsupported) CSS specs, but have it degrade gracefully if your browser doesn't support the features I've used.
  • Drupal - I can't say enough good things about Drupal. Sure it's got its quirks, but at the core, Drupal offers the professional grade features that make building websites easy and enjoyable. For this site, I've tried to use a lightweight setup.
  • The Best Design Skills I Have - I don't really consider myself a designer, but I think I did pretty well with this one.