About Me

Like any kid, I used to get really excited when I got a new toy.  Mostly, I was excited because that meant I could tear an old toy apart to find out what made it work.  I've always been a tinkerer; you can ask just about anyone that knows me.  Here's a few other ways I define myself:

I'm a Web Developer

I'm currently working as a Drupal developer for Left-click in Amherst, MA. I've been working on UberPOS, the Point of Sale system developed at Left Click. Beside UberPOS, I've also had the chance to build out some great small business sites.

I'm an IT Professional

For the past year or so I have worked as an IT Consultant with the Sports & Fitness Edge in South Burlington, VT. During this time, I have dealt with many different aspects of corporate IT, including maintenance and client administration, network design, and systems management and development. Since leaving Burlington in early January, I have continued at the Sports & Fitness Edge as a remote consultant.

I'm a few other things too...

In what little spare time I have left over, I do have a few activities that take me away from the computer temporarily. My girlfriend fiance! and I adopted a Chow-Shephard mix (Vixxy) last year.  Vixxy keeps me up and moving outside even when it's below-zero. I also enjoy playing squash and running.  I've got aspirations to take on a marathon in the next couple years.