Javascript Content Pane

I'm fond of any trick that can replace javascript functionality in a web page with pure CSS/HTML.  Probably the best example of a CSS javascript replacement is the Suckerfish Dropdown menu at HTMLDog, which I routinely use in my sites.  Anyway, I was poking around today for a way to prevent a javascript con

This is the third iteration of my site, It's been done once in Wordpress, once in Joomla, and now in Drupal. Hopefully this is what I will stick with. My site features:

Ubuntu Home Server II

In the last article, I picked some components to build my Ubuntu Development Server.   Now, it's time to put the pieces together.  For the benefit of those who may not have built a computer before, I'm going to run through it step by step. 

Ubuntu Home Server I

Last June, I decided to build a home server with the primary goal of using it as a PHP/MySQL development platform.  I wanted an offline (not on the public internet) location I could host projects while they were built.  I was previously using a localhost Apache installation on my desktop, which worked fine, but it meant I was tied to my desktop anytime I wanted to work on a site.

E-Filing Taxes and bogus Fees

I just finished up filing my 2009 taxes, and I just have to say I think it's a crock that it cost me extra money to file my taxes... If you've never e-filed before, the federal government mandates that companies offer a free option for e-filing taxes. You go through the process, putting all of your sensitive financial information into this company's online database. At some point in the process, you will casually be asked if you want to transfer all of your federal information to the state form to make things easier.

Ben Rosser Photo

Ben Rosser came into Left-Click looking for a site to showcase his photography. Working from a mockup he had created for his front page, I created this clean and beautifully minimal site for him. Ben also wanted to see the process of site building, so he sat in with me as I put the site together. Between his attention to detail and my own abilities as a developer, we finished this site quickly and within budget. Some features of the site:

Ugly Boxes in Google Maps

Using the Google Maps API can be a pain in the ass.  It's great that there's such a powerful, free service out there, but it's a pretty complex API, mostly because of the advanced features it supports.  Working with maps this afternoon, I ran into an issue with ugly white boxes appearing in odd spots in my map like so:


TheGrindLive was a team project I led last semester. Our task was to develop a site for Champlain College's open-mic coffeehouse, The Grind. We were given a list of things the owner wanted the website to do. On the top of the list was the requirement to include several different types of media, including the live stream that happens every week at UStream.


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